Brushy Fork Creek Gallery

some examples of Paul and Tricia's work
GalleryEntrance  Gallery Entrance ashleaf 2  Ashleaf Maple bowl P1240017  Confetti oil lamps and natural edge Maple ikebana wood bowls cadiz copy  textured and fluted Maple bowl
IMG 0059  plate with bamboo sumi brushwork IMG 0600  award winning tea set zapp4  natural edge Maple burl IMG 1590 1  square plate with grass impressions
hollow form  Ashleaf Maple hollow form Copy of IMG 0831  Korean Wine ewer IMG 0770  Donut teapot IMG 4464  Mulberry burl footed vase
IMG 1390  woodfired pot with fiber edge IMG 1387  woodfired maebyong vase IMG 1527  Paulonia natural edge sandblasted bowl IMG 7048  horse soup plate
IMG 1030  spalted Maple salad bowl with textured rim IMG 8555  hand-built vases IMG 1523  natural edge Maple bowl IMG 4769  doilie ikebana
IMG 7171b  Ashleaf Maple ikebana IMG 6084  woodfired snail sculpture IMG 4774  doilie ikebana IMG 6104  bamboo shaped mugs
IMG 6148  natural edge chalis/ Maple burl and Banksia pod IMG 7152b  Mesquite bowl with copper inlay IMG 6120  carved lidded jar with picture jasper IMG 6262  snowflake bowl
IMG 7175b  Maple jar with bamboo IMG 6281  small garden mushrooms IMG 6276  squeezed tumblers IMG 7169b  carved edge Maple bowl
IMG 6316  bakeware horse head cassarole IMG 7199  lasagna pan IMG 7144b  spalted Maple salad bowl IMG 7269  spalted Maple hollow form
IMG 7223  thrown serving bowl IMG 7244  serving tray with autumn leaves IMG 7271  natual edge Walnut bowl IMG 7246  sea turtle lasagna pan
IMG 7250  natural edge bowl IMG 7251  gator servers IMG 7448  Ashleaf Maple ikebana IMG 7255  porcelain tumblers
IMG 7265  glass goblets with stoneware bases IMG 7253  porcelain vase IMG 7256  porcelain honey pots IMG 7260  porcelain vase
IMG 7263  porcealin bowl IMG 7274  spalted Maple salad bowl IMG 7329  yarn bowl IMG 7449  wormy Maple ikebana
IMG 7333  jewelry holder IMG 7338  porcelain tree necklace IMG 2287  lidded jar IMG 7424  moonshine jug
IMG 7442  knife holder IMG 7489  serving bowl with bamboo handles IMG 7497  berry bowl IMG 7818  natural edge Maple burl bowl
IMG 7494  lidded jar with bamboo IMG 7845  ambrosia Maple ikebana IMG 7518  serving tray with bamboo handles IMG 7822  natural edge Walnut burl bowl
IMG 2359  vase IMG 7817  natural edge Maple bowl IMG 7499  porcelain basket/ bamboo IMG 7446  whiskey jug
IMG 6310  bird house IMG 7842  wine tops IMG 7938  ornaments IMG 7945  Maple burl lidded jar
IMG 7919  natural edge serving bowl IMG 7942  spalted Maple jar IMG 8004  natural edge serving bowl IMG 8009  serving platter
IMG 7996  pie plate IMG 7994  mini candle holders IMG 8026  honey pot IMG 8032  serving platter
IMG 8119  award winning gourd soup tureen IMG 5183  natural edge ambrosia Maple bowl IMG 5237  ambrosia Maple salad bowl IMG 5244  stoneware serving bowl
IMG 5247  Sassafras salad bowl, carbonized exterior IMG 5267  award winning teapot