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Paul and Tricia Ferrell moved to Western Kentucky in the spring of 1974. They married and soon bought 100 acres of hills and hollers known as “no man’s land” by the locals. It took them a year and a lawyer to track down 16 grandchildren that had inherited the property. Astonishingly they all agreed to sell their share to the Ferrells. Next, they cleared a homestead, planted an orchard and began construction on a passive solar home. They grow their food organically and raise veggies in the winter in their high tunnel greenhouse. Forty years later they are happily nestled among the oaks and pines at Brushy Fork Creek, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Their two children Katrina and Nathan are now grown and pursuing professional lives of their own in California.

From their pottery and woodturning studios Paul and Tricia have produced beautiful and highly prized works of art for decades. Paul enjoys the inherent beauty of burls and spalted wood. He is a founding member of the American Woodturners Association and a member of the Kentucky Arts and Craft Guild. His has work in the permanent collections of several museums such as, Mitchell Museum, Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, American Craft Museum. Tricia loves to make functional stoneware pottery that is useful and beautiful. Her work has won many awards.

Both Paul and Tricia offer workshops and private lessons and share their expertise as teachers. Tricia has a weekly pottery class and is available for private lessons. A sales gallery with track lighting, which visitors enter through a lush greenhouse of ferns and orchids, showcases their pottery and woodturning .

Behind the studios next to the bamboo grove is the Garden of Life Spa and Moon Bunny Gallery featuring the work of Tracie Griffith Tso, Chinese brush painter extraordinaire. Her paintings on rice paper and on her pottery are done in the traditional style, specializing in spontaneous flower-bird painting. Her work brims with vitality and joy.

Tricia, a licensed massage therapist, offers a variety of therapeutic treatments to enhance the individual’s well being such as myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment techniques, and trigger point therapy for chronic pain, and energy balancing.

Tricia has always been a horse person and has had Arabians on the farm since 1983. She enjoys raising and training the youngsters. BFC Arabians is an Arabian Discovery Farm. The addition of a covered riding arena facilitates training year round. They also have a small herd of mini horses and goats- just for fun and the kids!

Paul and Tricia also indulge in other interesting activities. Paul enjoys rebuilding motorcycles in his shop. He has recently finished a complete custom job on a 1994 Sportster. The current project is a 1931 Chevy sedan restorod named Henry. .
Entrance to Moon Bunny Gallery
Covered Riding Arena
Paul and Tricia
Maestro, Arabian stallion
high tunnel (grow food in the winter)