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Paul and Tricia moved to Kentucky in 1974, found some land the locals called 'no mans land', tracked down 16 grandchildren heirs, and purchased 100 acres of woods with no buildings. Brushy Fork Creek is located in the rolling hills and oak forests of western Kentucky where Paul and Patricia Ferrell live and run their studio and gallery since 1977.

Paul uses the native woods from the area to create beautiful pieces of turned wood such as salad bowls, ikebanas, hollow forms, and wine tops. His many years of experience turning are evident in the fine quality of his forms and finishes.

Tricia, Paul's other half, works with high fire stoneware clay to make functional pots of all kinds. She likes to make things for the kitchen and garden. She is now also doing some sculpting for the garden. All her work is safe in microwave and dishwasher and lead free.

Tricia has also been using photographs taken at Brushy Fork Creek to create patchwork quilt collages of the flowers and critters that are part of life at BFC. The originals are stitched together using embroidery thread.
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                                    Spring Flower Photos 2013