About Us

Paul and Tricia Ferrell moved to Western Kentucky in the spring of 1974. They married and soon bought 100 acres of hills and hollers known as “no man’s land” by the locals from 16 grandchildren that had inherited the property.  Next, they cleared a homestead, planted an orchard and began construction on a passive solar home. They grow their food organically and raise veggies in the winter in their high tunnel greenhouse. Their two children Katrina and Nathan are now grown and pursuing professional lives of their own in California.

On May 1, 2018 there was a fire in the middle of the night. Our business of 35 years was totally destroyed in a couple of hours. We lost everything: tools, inventory, materials, glaze formulas. It was devastating and there was no insurance for rebuilding. We asked for help and the community jumped in immediately to help us clean up the mess, donating their time, giving us tools we needed to rebuild, and financially supporting our efforts. Thanks to them we are back in business with a beautiful new building. We are so grateful for all the love and support we received. We love sharing our beautiful farm with visitors.
Tricia has raised Arabian horses on the farm since 1983. There is also a small herd of mini horses and goats- just for fun and the kids!

Paul and Tricia also indulge in other interesting activities.  The current project is a 1931 Chevy sedan we are restoring  named Henry.